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Philippines Police Charge US Marine for Murder of Transgender Filipino

LOCALS NOT HAPPY: Marine murder of Filipino transsexual has sparked national outrage in the Philippine (Photo: Asia Widmi)


Philippines police on Wednesday filed murder charges against a Camp Lejeune US Marine over the death of a transgender Filipino, Reuters said.

“Based on two witnesses’ testimonies, we believe we have a strong case against the US Marine,” said Pedrito delos Reyes, police chief of Olongapo City.

Jeffrey (Jennifer) Laude, and Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton (Photo: WITN)

The body of Jeffrey (Jennifer) Laude, 26, was found in a hotel room on Saturday.

Manila also wants to take custody of Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton while he stands trial, according to a senior Philippines official.

He also warned that the case could damage military ties between the allies.

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