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Episode #43 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘MH17 and the New Normal’ with guests Vladimir Suchan, Basil Valentine

Episode #43 of The Sunday Wire Radio Show resumes this Sunday July 20th, 2014 presented by host Patrick Henningsen with 3 hours of power-packed talk radio and music broadcast live on GMN from 9am to 12pm PST

SUNDAY-WIRE-web-small-150x150This week’s theme: “MH17 and the New Normal


SUNDAYS – 5pm-8pm GMT | 12pm-3pm EST | 9am-12pm PST

This week’s edition of THE SUNDAY WIRE will be broadcasting LIVE from the Valley of the Sun, as Patrick returns from the frontline of the immigration protests at Oracle, Arizona, covering US and international news including the recent airline disaster of MH17 over Eastern Ukraine. To comment on the spiraling situation in the Ukraine, we’re joined by former diplomat Vladimir Suchan. Later, we’ll discuss Murdoch’s merger plans and other scandals, and in the third hour we’re joined by Britain’s favourite son, Basil Valentine for the latest on Westminster’s meltdown.

Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world…




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We're covering news you won't necessarily find in the mainstream, and things which regularly confuse career politicians, FOX and CNN watchers... #SundayWire
Neither #TRUMP , nor #HillaryClinton will be able to "fix" this system. It's much bigger than the puppets: https://t.co/ADXO5RiSLm - 19 hours ago
  • Tina

    Also there were AIDS researchers on that plane and they had discovered something exciting perhaps a cure? Nobody knows now, there gone and 80 children, also look at who was on that other plane from Malaysia engineers! Who had advanced Technololgy, and i met a Internal Affairs officer after 911 and he told it was a missile that hit the Pentagon.Obviously look at the perfectly round hole. Crazy world we live in, and a global currency reset is about to happen and the BRICS nations are dropping the Fed dollar opening there new World Bank today!!! Yea!!

  • Tina

    Rhoda Islands one of the whitest states. There dropping Illegals in eastern states because DC hates the north eastern New England states, also they dont have experience with Latinos and gangs.I hope they dont drop any off in Vermont.

  • Tina

    Mexicans and Central Americans have raped many white women and girls!! All across America N Carolina is one such place these Illegals are violent and perverted.

  • Tina

    If the Ukrainians want to come to America being in real dangerous perilous situations they are refugees. Not stupid gang violence.

  • Predrag J. Maranovic

    This show is the place to come to get the facts! Best one yet on this Ukraine craziness. Thank you 21WIRE!

  • Isaac Eslava Alvarado

    The west/usa is
    showing the face that they’re not afraid of war with russia. However, if this
    were true, the usa wouldn’t have backed down in attacking syria upon russia’s
    involvement in syria’s defense in 2011/2012. They wouldn’t have backed down in
    in 2008. They wouldn’t have let russia take crimea without a shot in 2014. And
    they would have attacked iran instead of sanctioning it. This false flag is an
    attempt by the usa and nato to show a signal to russian strategists that it is
    not afraid of war but that signal is a bluff. The moment russia stands up the
    usa/nato will back down and if not we have wwiii.

  • Isaac Eslava Alvarado


    NOW THEY KNOW THEY WERE CAUGHT 7/22-23/2014 LYING Admit 5 days (less than a
    week) after the false positive




    The day after the “mysterious” white flag is flown over the bridge us
    intelligence says russia has no involvement thus it appears they surrendered to



    “Malaysia condemns Obama for false accusations against
    Russia and anti-fascists forces in Ukraine.”








    deeper the U.S. slips into economic decline, the higher it ratchets up the pace
    and stakes of armed conflict. Washington appears to have crossed some kind of
    Rubicon, to embark on a mad, scorched earth policy to terrorize the planet into
    submission through relentless escalation into a global state of war.



  • Isaac Eslava Alvarado

    In response to the satellite images and data from Russia, the U.S. State Department
    has outlined its own “evidence” that Russia-backed separatists are
    responsible for downing Malaysia Airlines flight MH-17.

    What is the evidence? It is “a statement
    posted on the website of the U.S. embassy to Ukraine that says the flight was
    “likely downed by a SA-11 surface-to-air missile from
    separatist-controlled territory in eastern Ukraine.”

    In other words, the US “evidence” is a
    statement, which is an argument of an obstinate five-year old: “It is so
    because I say so.”

    The only fact in this U.S. Department
    “evidence” is that we have established that the US Embassy to Ukraine
    has a website on which it is able to to make statements, which the corporate
    media then present as “evidence.”

    Strictly speaking, the “evidence” has a
    form of a hypothesis disguising a cynical insinuation.

    Other than that the only other “evidence”
    is a picture of the crash site and few tweets.

    CNN has chosen all but to ignore today’s briefing at the Russian
    Ministry of Defense, which presented so far most of the hardcore evidence about
    the crash of MH17. Here is how CNN does it: in its long article, it is
    replaying repetitive accusations against Russia
    with no evidence or proof, together with ultimatums, demands, threats, and
    emotional triggers. Both Obama and Poroshenko tried to come up with new empty
    allegations–just to make new statements to make “news” to occupy the
    headlines and get most attention. Only at the very, as if in passim, the CNN
    article mentions today briefing from Moscow in three short paragraphs as if
    already well below average American attention span.

    CNN is thus scavenging the tragedy and tries to
    hide the emerging facts under the heap of its “fair and balanced”
    rubbish. Bastards.

    The title of the article is mightily ironic:
    “Obama: What exactly are they trying to hide?”

    Translated back into plain language: the White
    House and the corporate presstitudes are stunned after today’s briefing in
    Moscow and, in the absence of arguments and their own evidence-based
    refutations or at least answers, they have fallen back into their default
    position of trying to ignore being caught lying and simply repeating their
    unfounded accusations.

  • Isaac Eslava Alvarado

    Wake the fuck up, where is
    your Marcus Garvey, your Malcom X, your Huey P Newton, knowledge, the Black
    Panthers, are the true Original Gangsters, they got us dumbed down, preventing
    blood and crip unity, with the
    obama shit the mainstream spits, democrats, republicans and independents, are
    one fucking business party, do you see obama isn’t the next Martin Luther King,
    even if it was mlk who was president, the same shit would be going on because
    they got all of us ignorant and indoctrinated, we have to change our mentality
    but that is the threat, realize that politicians just get assimilated in the
    system, the system just cares for the rich, war makes money for the rich, in
    theory with rising tides, all boats rise, but the little boats sink, and it’s
    fucked up to begin with because you are going to war for capital, oil and not
    humanitarianism like you say, all the little people are hurting, there’s no
    jobs, the depression we have is the greatest depression ever now, but the rich
    are doing good and as long as those who control the methods of production are
    doing well and making that capital then it’s all good, people are stupid, they
    think one day under capitalism everything will be first world, in reality the
    3rd world exists for the 1st world in the same manner that the proletarians
    exist for the bourgeoisie, so let’s really understand how capitalism works, the
    argument is that there is more technology and medicine, slaves to the machine,
    rage, they probably have a cure for aids and cancer but they are milking us for
    money, it’s profit over people but everybody is ignorant to the fact that
    capitalism is failing globally and revolutions are going down, these revolutions
    are much needed, politicians, presidents, have to conform, just understand that
    the corporations rule, for now at least, until us the masses burn it down,
    anarchy and the left is the solution and will ultimately prevail, when oil runs
    out, there will not be any more plastic or transportation, alternative energy
    sources up until now are not enough, it won’t be the same, everything will go
    from being global to local, uncle sam is at war with the world for oil and in
    general usa hegemony, control, domination, not supposed humanitarianism and
    democracy, get out of this fake “patrioitic” gi joe mentality, and in
    this supposed democracy the people are controlled by this “patriot”
    “media” propaganda, ironic many call me a propagandist, i’m a
    realist, i’m also a fucking idealist and a dreamer, join me and let’s organize,
    all we have to do is understand that the government is the fucking servant of
    the corporations, that obama, romney or whoever the fuck becomes president, is
    just a puppet to the military industrial complex, who is also going to be
    milking the prison industrial complex for making that paper, are they going to
    lock me up for talking, possibly, nigga break that fucking commemorative plate
    you got of obama, break it over a pig’s head and take what’s yours when you can
    G, property is theft, when you do buy shit keep it fucking simple, Ital is
    Vital, Life is Pleasure but try not to waste, think about the kids on the
    street in the 3rd world with absolutely nothing, definitely don’t buy that
    bomboklaat, batiman, shitty ass, justice coin, 9/11 was probably set up by the
    usa babylon, many say it was a controlled demolition, look up world trade
    center building 7, the plane that hit the pentagon looks like a fucking
    missile, they shot down another plane in pennsylvania, if we cared about
    “Islamic fundamentalism” we would be in saudi arabia, hitler killed
    “his own” german citizens in the reichstag and blamed it on the
    polish, he invaded poland right after, think about that, hitler was funded by the
    usa through ibm, fanta and other corporations, so much so he was time fucking
    man of the year in 38, uncle sam funded mussolini, pinochet, fujimori, bin
    laden, hussein, the usa funds the brutality in colombia through uribe/santos,
    the usa funds the brutality in africa, but makes a big deal over kony just
    because he’s a leftist, when the same shit is being done by the right wing
    dictators, it just fucking shows they got the sheeple eating out of their
    palms, please for your mothers, your sisters, your brothers, question everything,
    including authority, and understand that voting is the illusion of
    participation, the system is pimping the fuck out of you, and all of us, poor
    uncle sam gi joe soldiers, it’s just a job, they’re protecting us and helping
    the world, fuck that and your yellow ribbon, we’re all slaves funding the war
    with our taxes, we can’t get around taxes, or the pigs come and put your hands
    behind your back, just realize we’re all one, and when you see burning and
    looting on your streets, you understand why, join, fuck free trade and the
    neo-liberal triangle of misery, fuck the world trade organization, the
    international monetary fund and the world bank, we all gotta talk, we all have
    to truly understand what is going on, we all have to organize, sounds like we can’t
    do anything, but we can, most of us are just intimated by this manifest
    destiny, god bless america fascist shit, “christian zionism” and
    their ego can’t get out of this patriotic role that is expected by them, on top
    of that, the people are just intimated by the pigs, thanks to Kent State, And
    all the brutality the police state ensues on the dissidents, it’s fucking
    easier to fool somebody, then to show them

    they’ve been fooled, humanity is a slave, it’s fucking ugly but it’s fucking
    true, look at it, don’t look away, humanity is shackled to capital, oil and
    war, fuck the military industrial complex, fuck the prison industrial complex,
    fuck, fuck, fuck

    the rhetoric they repeat, fuck that they make you think i’m an
    “extremist,” trying to discredit the socialist leftist movement, with
    the it’s just an opinion, it’s not just a fucking opinion bitch, it’s fact,
    we’re killing people in the name of god, this crusade, this war on terrorism is
    going to take a while, this is what that funny monkey george, the ex corporate
    puppet and president said, the people don’t see that babylon and uncle sam
    controls the media and they have got us eating out of their hand, but the world
    is waking up and rising up, anarchy, no borders, no flags, join the dream, join
    the intellectual idea, Anarchy should be your “Patriotic”
    “Mother” and not this blind pride, nazi, fascist, shit! That
    shouldn’t be called patriotism, let’s just define it, nation exaltation,
    xenophobia, sounds like fascism to me, have patriotism for humanity, we live in
    babylon physically but let’s all be here now in Zion, in Anarchy mentally
    always, Blessed Vibes, Israel vibration, One Love,

  • Isaac Eslava Alvarado


    The only difference between obama and osama is a
    little bs


    Those of you who are mad at those who speak the truth
    are living a fucking lie



    It’s imperative that we understand what the
    manufacture of consent is. In other words we must be aware that those who
    control the education system control the methods of communication and they tell
    us what they want us to know and don’t tell us what they don’t want us to know
    thus it is a closed and not complete perspective most of us are exposed to
    because they have us trapped sometimes working three jobs, struggling to
    survive, too busy to work out and eat well, we do not have the time or energy
    to read alternative sources. Our education is indoctrination. Our news is
    propaganda. Our patriotism is nationalistic nazi shit. This is why you
    discredit people like me as a conspiracy theorist. Conspiracy theorist equals
    to be informed. If you discuss the assassin vaccines that are doing more harm
    than good, if you talk about how we are being poisoned by fluoride and gmo’s,
    if you question what the fuck chem-trails are and know war is always for
    capital, hegemony, domination, acquisition of resources and in general control
    then you are deemed a conspiracy theorist and a traitor to god bless america
    rhetoric. Wake the fuck up, the rhetoric the sheeple repeat are lies. In
    reality planes never disintegrate or dissolve completely like it supposedly did
    in the pentagon during 911. In reality buildings of such high caliber do not
    fall in free fall without there being a demolition or explosives, in other
    words even if the twin towers fell, WTC 7 should not have fallen but sheeple
    argue otherwise. Just realize the fishiness, the nazi stench that only some
    smell because they are truly educated and not indoctrinated, fucking the
    pentagon got hit on the side that had just gotten reinforced less than half a
    year before, supposedly it was a plane, yet it clearly looks like a missile and
    they do not show the footage because they are hiding something. Just like with
    the boston marathon, they edited the footage, why? Because they are hiding

    These are false flags. The biggest one without a doubt
    the world has seen has been 911. They murdered 3,000 within their own borders
    in order to murder millions outside for capital. They shot down a plane in pa,
    then there was two planes that each hit one of the twin towers of the world
    trade center but the “plane” that “coincidentally” hit the side that was
    reinforced less than a year before was a missile and WTC 7 fell because there
    was bombs in it that is why it fell in a free fall because it was a controlled
    demolition but fuckers do not see the obvious fucking signs. Bitches be like we
    are in Iraq because Bin Laden did 911. Get educated because Hussein and Bin
    Laden were enemies and the Taliban arrived in Iraq when the fucking usa invaded
    to defend their Muslim brothers and sisters and before the usa invaded there
    was no Taliban and anyways those chemical weapons Hussein had were sold and
    given to him by uncle sam so going to Iraq for 911 makes absolutely no sense.
    Just like Afghanistan because truly Bin Laden was given weapons and training
    and his Mujahadeen evolved into the Taliban thanks to the red, white and blue.
    They wanted him to weaken the ussr and any cost just like when Hussein was
    killing his own kurds the usa did not give a fuck because Hussein was giving
    the usa cheap oil, he thus privatized his oil industry and became the enemy,
    comparing him to hitler, when in reality hitler who received the time man of
    the year award in 38 could be compared more to obama whom recently received the
    nobel peace prize LOL or bush but they want you to connect bin laden with
    hitler. That is why they announced bin laden’s death the same day as hitler’s
    may 1st, fuckers do not see the propaganda campaign, coincidentally it happened
    on the 10 year anniversary as well. Wake Up! Truth and Justice should be your
    Mother, not some fucking country, no borders no flags, one global Family baby!

    If you still do not see uncle sam’s hypocrisy let me
    mention they want to take away the people’s right to guns and to be armed but
    during operation fast and the furious uncle sam gave machine guns to the
    Mexican mafia because yes they make money off drugs, right now there are
    soldiers guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan. So they give machine guns to
    people they say they want locked up, the so called war on drugs. Similar to the
    so called war on terror where they fund the Taliban in Syria, the people they
    say they are against. It’s a war of terror not a war on terror and the true
    fucking terrorists are the empire predominately made up by the usa and israel
    but they have more than 900 hundred military bases all over the world,
    including here in Colombia which is the Israel of America, America goes from
    Patagonia to Canada for those that only think America is the United States of
    America, Colombia is a strategic base of the many bases they have in order to
    influence the different regions and prevent any leftist initiative.
    Economically and politically uncle sam’s empire is global and the only
    countries that do not comprise it are the enemies, these countries include
    Venezuela, Bolivia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Russia but truly today’s
    empires are tomorrow’s ashes and when the dollar crumbles which will be soon
    since we are truly in a worse depression than the great depression of the
    twenties and it will get worse there will be Total Fucking Chaos and everything
    will go from being global to local. The family unit will be transformed into
    primeval clans or gangs and those with guns will ultimately rule. If now we
    live in the land of the gun, when the system collapses it will be more, it will
    happen without a doubt in the future, all the signs are there, question is,
    when will the dollar crumble totally…

    fuck the usa and fuck israel FUCK THE EMPIRE


    For you fuckers who think just because you google something and it does not
    come up in the search that means it is fake the below quote is from Latin

    The leading human rights violator in the Western
    Hemisphere by a good margin is Colombia, which has just an atrocious record.
    They have social cleansing programs. Before every election members of the
    opposition parties get murdered, labor union leaders are murdered, students,
    dissidents are murdered, there are death squads all around. Okay, more than
    half of U.S. aid to the entire Hemisphere goes to Colombia. So claims about
    concern for human rights are extremely difficult to support. In precisely the
    regions where weve had the most control, the most hideous things you can
    imagine happen. People have to sell their organs for money in order to survive,
    police death squads leave flayed bodies hanging by the road with their genitals
    stuffed in their mouths, children are enslaved, and worse. ~Noam Chomsky