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Episode #36 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Liberty’s Frontline in the Sand’ from Bundy Ranch with Patrick Henningsen and Robert Crooks

Episode #36 of The Sunday Wire Radio Show resumes this Sunday June 1, 2014 presented by host Patrick Henningsen with 3 hours of power-packed talk radio and music broadcast live on GMN

SUNDAY-WIRE-web-small-150x150This week’s theme: “Liberty’s Frontline in the Sand”


SUNDAYS – 5pm-8pm GMT | 12pm-3pm EST | 9am-12pm PST

This week’s edition of THE SUNDAY WIRE will cover the latest US and international news stories from 21st Century Wire, broadcasting LIVE aboard the GMN mobile communications bunker currently stationed at the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada. In the first hour we’ll be joined by volunteer Minuteman border patrol expert, ‘Little Dog’ Robert Crooks for a talk about US borders and our federal government, and in the second and third hours we have a number of drop in guests from Bundy Ranch and a few surprises.

Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world…


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  • Bobby Franklin

    I believe you will find out tomorrow when you interview assemblywoman that: The NV Legislature public land committees were fooled in BLM’s “mining” scams, until Bundy Ranch. Last year, I viewed them live from Carson City. They new NOTHING about public land laws. BLM & their “mining law” corporations were the ONLY thing they discussed. They entirely omitted grazing & desert land law. Sandoval’s appointed committee on NV public lands was more wasted BLM-BS on truth. But now, after the Bundy Standoff, they now know something? NO, they follow their leader Sandoval, who perpetuates Harry Reid’s BLM mining land locks.
    P.S. – Harry Reid’s BLM Task Force urgently needs RICO justice, & I got decades of evidence for indictments.

  • marinette

    A quick question:

    In the book ‘House of Bush, House of Saud’, Clive Ungen refers to the home of ‘Dubya’ as being ‘located right in the middle of Texas’s Baptist-dominated Bible Belt, its history… studded with Ku Klux Klan marches and incidents such as the FBI assault on David Koresh’s Branch Davidians, who became martyrs of the right-wing militia movement’.

    Would this ‘right-wing militia movement’ be similar to the bunch of people currently waving their guns around in the vicinity of the Bundy ranch? Just curious.

    • Predrag J. Maranovic

      No, the men and women who came to the aid of Bundys were not ‘right wing’ at all, they were 99% vets and libertarians – that’s why the establishment were in shock, it was a defensive effort that happened so fast that they could not co-opt or control it. The only conspiracy I see at Bundy Ranch is what the Federal government did.