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‘Bunker News Break’ Exposes Latest on Federal Land Grabs and Destruction of Local Communities

21st Century Wire says…

21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen and expose the realities behind SB1805 and other plans by the U.S. Federal Government to destroy local communities.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), no stranger to the use of armed force and abuse of power on behalf of the U.S. Federal Government, has been designated by the U.S. Department of Interior to administer to ‘National Monument’ land. Meanwhile, economic corruption on Indian reservation land continues to create a divide and rule culture. How soon will this model spread to your local community? Or, is it already happening?

Listen below as guest Patrick Henningsen breaks it all down on a recent airing of the “Bunker News Break”…

Download the full audio here

The “Bunker News Break” can be heard Monday through Friday during the 3rd hour of GMN’s broadcast of the “The Pete Santilli Show” (10AM-1PM PST/1PM-4PM EST).

READ MORE BLM NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire BLM Files


  • http://www.booksbyoliver.com/ Delaware River

    Most all of us knew that the BLM was not going to be humiliated at the Bundy Ranch and then do nothing. They have the whole USG power behind them.

    Divide and conquer is the primary trail of any tyranny.