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‘Western Propaganda Goes Full Tilt’ – Red Ice Radio Interview with Patrick Henningsen

21st Century Wire says…

One of the best alternative interview programs out there – another two hour power-packed discussion between Red Ice host Henrik Palmgren and 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen…

1-Patrick-HenningsenReturning guest, Patrick Henningsen is an author and founder of the 21st Century Wire news website, a former Associate Editor of Infowars.com and regular geopolitical analyst for Russia Today. We’ll begin discussing the absolute reality of globalists keeping the US and the west in a permanent state of war. Patrick talks about past revolutions and NGO’s that prep the groundwork. Then, we’ll talk about the misinformation surrounding Russia from anti-gay laws to Russia’s desire to expand. This brings us to the situation in Ukraine. Patrick explains the history of Crimea and talks about why Russian military is really there, contrary to mainstream media reports. In the second hour, we’ll discuss how people are being programmed to fear Russia, while all the while the US has military presence all over the world. Patrick explains the sensitive issues for those living in Crimea, Ukraine and Russia, specifically after WWII. We’ll also talk about the great disconnect between the people and their political leadership and how politics is nothing about the voice of the people. Later, we discuss the RT news anchor, Liz Wahl, who quit the network on live television, as she said that “she came to see just how dangerous a propaganda tool the network was. I couldn’t be a part of it any longer.” Patrick talks about this false, manufactured claim. We end the hour on the missing plane flight MH370…

Hour 1:

Hour 2
for Red Ice members:

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Patrick Henningsen @21WIRE talking #Hillary, Russians and EMAILS LIVE on RT News… https://t.co/xqPNFEdt9O - 35 mins ago

  • Charlie Primero

    Glad to see 21CW and Henrik collaborating. Good alliance.

  • marinette

    Impressive analysis of the Ukraine situation. One of the best I’ve heard in terms of clarity and making sense of all the straggly bits of information. Really pleased I took the time to listen to it…thanks.

  • Spychiatrist

    Great interview Patrick! Always a good fit when you’re on with Henrik and should be good publicity for 21st Century Wire as RedIce as quite a following. Keep it up.

  • Predrag J. Maranovic

    Brilliant. Keeping it real. That’s what we need now more than ever.

    Alex Jones has been talking up an April nuclear war on his show -US vs Russia, and I often wonder if he really believes it, or is he just trying to scare his listeners to buy all those survival products.