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Third World USA: An Oil Spill in Your Own Neighborhood

21st Century Wire says…

It’s a scene of corporate malevolence that you normally see in Third World countries like Peru, or Nigeria…

Oil barons have found a soft touch in North America now, and Americans are quickly discovering – what’s it’s like to live in a Third World country.

To date, there is no technology to genuinely clean this variant of industrial mess.

Who is going to clean up the mess?

Brasscheck TV


1. Crude oil is toxic – very toxic. 
2. The US has 2.5 million miles of pipelines carrying oil (and gas). 
3. Many of these pipelines are 50 years old or older.
4. They are poorly maintained and regulated. 
5. The oil industry’s standard for discovering problems is to let them happen first.

Does this sound like a recipe for disaster to you? It should. 2.5 MILLION miles of these things…

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  • ricardo_maxwell

    this is a complete lie. A friend of mine decades ago was hired to travel the pipelines and inspect them periodically. It does not make economic sense to an oil company to allow a spill or leak. You oil haters are an ignorant lot.

  • billy rosenthal

    Recardo going to haft to disagree with ya oil companies making record profits and they know that these pipe lines has a useful life due to oil is very corrosion not replacing it keep pushing the envelope in the name of profit they know it don’t fool yourself inspection are finger pointing for these companies when it is this old replace it also helps the economy from very SE louisiana know how they are

    • Chris Driscoll

      Really? Got any real evidence besides your personal OPINIONS?