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FDR Knew About Pearl Harbor in Advance

21st Century Wire says…

Why do schools continue to teach students the wrong historical narrative regarding WWII? 

The American public were duped to believe that US entrance into WWII was merely a reaction to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941. Long before Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was on record stating he hoped an attack in the Pacific by Japan would happen in order to ‘unite public opinion behind the war’ – sound familiar?

Surprise Attack? Not Quite

Brasscheck TV

In the mass media, this issue is barely raised and if it is, it’s raised to dismiss it as a half-baked “conspiracy theory.” But in serious academic military history circles, the consensus of real historians is that the US not only deliberately provoked the Japanese into the attack on Pear Harbor, they also knew it was coming and let it happen.

The comment by the Project for the New American Century, headed by people like Dick Cheney, that the US needed a “new Pearl Harbor’ takes on new significance in the light of these facts.

Just how cold blooded at the people at the top? Very cold blooded indeed. Watch:

It was even printed in LIFE Magazine in 1945, that FDR “knew in advance” that the Japanese were going to attack…

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  • Charlie Primero

    Good vid.

  • BlackArrow

    The Japanese were going to attack us no matter what.

    Are you suggesting Roosevelt should have told the Japanese we knew they were going to attack? As to Kimmel and Short, they had radar and PLENTY of interceptors … as well as the decade-earlier report predicting such an attack. I suspect Roosevelt thought that if the did Japanese attack, they would be badly bloodied with what we had. He had no idea Short (and to a lesser extent Kimmel) would be so incompetent.

    Even if he knew Japan was going to attack *Pearl Harbor*, he played it right, for fear of tipping off the Japanese that we knew they would attack, which might cause them to recall the raid and hit us harder elsewhere. As it turned out, the attack was as disastrous for the Japanese, preventing us from sailing our old battleships out to their doom, forcing us to employ carrier warfare, and not hitting the strategic fuel tanks or repair docks.

    And I *share* the suspicion that 9/11 was a false flag attack – which *would* be a high crime of treason – and about the PNAC report only a year earlier.

    Lou Coatney

    • renest

      You don’t seem to understand that Kimmel and Short were not informed of the attack, FDR wanted the destruction of the Fleet. all except the carriers which were moved out of Pearl Harbor to prevent their being destroyed, because they would be needed for the war. The radar sites attempted to warn that the Japanese Planes were on their way, however, for some reason the alert was not received, or was diverted. Rosevelt was a Zionist, who in league with the German and British Zionists, wanted the US in the war. The German Zionists had made a deal with England to use their ownership of American media, and their contacts in Washington to get the US in the war, in return, England would be able to win the war, and in return, hand over Palestine to the Zionists, just as Germany was supposed to do if they had won the first world war. Things are not always as they seem, and now we are seeing the results of the British, US, and the Zionist conspiracy.

      • BlackArrow

        Anti-Semitic nonsense.

        It was Kimmel who made sure the carriers weren’t at anchor.

        Lt. Tyler disregarded the radar report because he was only a 2nd Lt. – there should have been a field grade USAAC officer there – and because a flight of B-17s was due in at the same time.

        England hardly won the war – we did.

        Jewish Americans (including Zionists) certainly were Roosevelt constituents, and he was loyal to them, but let’s not exaggerate that.

        You don’t seem to understand that Short, anyway, had everything he needed to wreck not just the Japanese attack but much of the of the Japanese naval air spearpoint.

        I think the Israelis were, to whatever extent, involved in 9/11, but this Pearl Harbor Zionist Conspiracy silliness appears to be intended to discredit anyone trying to promote it..

        • renest

          Go back to WWI, and a little before and study what really happened, just as few Americans have been told the truth about the facts surrounding WWII, so have they not been informed or bothered to become informed of the plot to acquire Palestine for the creation of Israel, and the fact that WWI as well as WWII is all connected for the same purpose. The term Anti-Semetic, that you use out of ignorance of the history of it’s orgin, shows that you are either missinformed or missinforming. You either know the history, or you are ignorant of it. It is out there to learn, and by most Americans being programmed to tuck their tails when that word is spoken, it has brought America to this tragedy we are facing today.

  • Syble

    Adml Nimitz warned FDR some year before it happened that if Japan attacked us it would be at Pearl Harbor.. If I read my history right… But FDR refused to listen.

    • renest

      Roosevelt listened, but already had a plan to not only allow it to happen, but to antagonize the Japanese and make it happen. Remember this is the man that issued an executive order in 1933 to turn all of our gold to the Federal Reserve, knowing the foreign banks would be allowed to buy it up at about $32.00 per ounce or so.

  • Chad Vincent IV

    This Idiot started the war. We all know the reason He did it with Japan and Germany was to get into the other nations business when we finally won. WWII was created by the banks to get more control of the land. Wakeup world stop believing the US Government madeup history. Just listen to Hitlers speeches on Youtube and be amazed of the things FDR does to intensify the European war.

  • Steven Eaton


  • BlackArrow

    There is an unspoken angle on this.

    From Wikipedia: “On May 25, 1999, the United States Senate passed a non- binding resolution exonerating Kimmel and Short by a 52 to 47 vote.”

    And various Republicans have wrongfully insinuated that Roosevelt knew the attack was coming and “let” it happen (as though he could have dissuaded the Japanese short of appeasement), essentially collaborating in the attack to make it, in essence, a false flag attack.

    Was this resolution and misbelief later used to justify a Republican administration going along with “another” false flag attack – 9/11?

    Finally, this from a comment below is a flat revisionist lie and extremely vicious: “FDR wanted the destruction of the Fleet.” No. Roosevelt was no Stalin. He had been Secretary of the Navy, and he loved our ships and “his boys” serving on them. He NEVER would have permitted their massacre, and he had every right to believe that if the Japanese did attack Pearl Harbor, Kimmel and especially Short had everything they needed to utterly destroy the attackers, without any involvement of … meddling by … him.

    Lou Coatney