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On the Eve of Christmas…

21st Century Wire says…

The Holidays are a time to reflect and think about the past, present and future. We are preparing a series of reports, interviews, films, presentations and stories for our readers on Christmas Day and each day right through to the new year.

We’ll look back on 2013 and revisit key events, as well as look back at historical events including…

Boston Bombings

Sandy Hook
Fukushima meltdown
The myth of global warming theory

The Ukraine and EU subterfuge

US jobless reality
The student loan bubble
The truth about vaccines

The truth about Pearl Harbor
Other untold secrets of WWII
DARPA and Google’s latest cryptic inventions

Latest UFO disclosures
Who really rules the world
Rare Bilderberg documents
The mythology of the Third Reich

and many more…

Stay tuned from tomorrow until 2014.

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