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Episode #10 – Sunday Wire Radio Show: ‘The Hypocrisy of Western Democracy’

SUNDAY-WIRE-web-smallEpisode #10 of The Sunday Wire Radio Show with host Patrick Henningsen resumes this Sunday Dec 1st, with another power-packed 3 hour show broadcast live on GMN

SUNDAYS – 5pm-8pm GMT | 12pm-3pm EST | 9am-12pm PST
This week’s theme: “The Hypocrisy of Western Democracy”

This week THE SUNDAY WIRE is proud to welcome British researcher and videographer, Sam The Blogger, to discuss the new facial recognition technology being rolled out in the UK, followed by UK Column editor Brian Gerrish to discuss the duplicity of the politics in the Syria discourse as well as the closing down of British society, and later some jaw dropping new revelations from special guest, Basil Valentine – all guaranteed to stimulate the mind…



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We're covering news you won't necessarily find in the mainstream, and things which regularly confuse career politicians, FOX and CNN watchers... #SundayWire
Neither #TRUMP , nor #HillaryClinton will be able to "fix" this system. It's much bigger than the puppets: https://t.co/ADXO5RiSLm - 19 hours ago
  • Lotta respect for Sam. One of my favourite people. Thanks for bringing him into the broadcast.

    Re Collectivism. Unwise to knock it completely, methinks. Careful with that one – extreme collectivism vs. extreme individualism would be a very long dicussion!

    Animal Farm – should be compulsory reading (along with 1984 and Atlas Shrugged) and is as valid today – perhaps more so – as ever before.

    Always good to hear Brian as well. And his take on the destruction of society is spot on, in my opinion. Limited expression = limited culture.

    Re taking children. One of Paul and Asha Roberts’ children was, to suit state convenience, born early, not by caesarion but by artificially induced labour.

    The baby was immediately taken into care and Asha lay bleeding unattended for several hours.

  • marinette

    Basil Valentine nails it with his description of the hope, decency and togetherness – the Spirit of ’45 – that apparently existed just after WW2, as opposed to the grotesque, money-grabbing Me, Me, Me ethos of Thatcher and those who voted for her. The ensuing damage caused by Milton Friedman type economics has been immense, both in Britain and throughout the world.

    Owen Jones: well, he may look as if he should be ‘delivering newspapers and not writing in them’ but he’s getting on for thirty years old! Not exactly a babe in arms. 🙂

    The British media has been so one-sided over Syria, it’s a real shame that Stop The War didn’t take this rare opportunity to listen to an alternative view. My solution would have been to let the conference go ahead without Owen Jones and Jeremy Scahill. It’s not exactly a new thing for there to be bickering amongst different factions on the left, but I think it’s more important to listen to as many sides of an issue as possible, and put the bickering to one side. Unfortunately, (as far as I’m aware), Mother Agnes herself made the decision to step down – nobody forced her. Difficult situation – I’ve heard the phrase ‘apologist for a brutal dictatorship’ being bandied about, and if Owen Jones chooses not to associate himself with a particular standpoint or point of view, then he must be allowed to make that choice.