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Episode #10 – Sunday Wire Radio Show: ‘The Hypocrisy of Western Democracy’

SUNDAY-WIRE-web-smallEpisode #10 of The Sunday Wire Radio Show with host Patrick Henningsen resumes this Sunday Dec 1st, with another power-packed 3 hour show broadcast live on GMN

SUNDAYS – 5pm-8pm GMT | 12pm-3pm EST | 9am-12pm PST
This week’s theme: “The Hypocrisy of Western Democracy”

This week THE SUNDAY WIRE is proud to welcome British researcher and videographer, Sam The Blogger, to discuss the new facial recognition technology being rolled out in the UK, followed by UK Column editor Brian Gerrish to discuss the duplicity of the politics in the Syria discourse as well as the closing down of British society, and later some jaw dropping new revelations from special guest, Basil Valentine – all guaranteed to stimulate the mind…



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