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Episode #7 – SUNDAY WIRE: Dorner Revisited, Guy Fawkes in DC, JFK Redux and Twitter Censorship

21st Century Wire says…


Episode #7 of Sunday Wire Radio Show with host Patrick Henningsen resumes this Sunday Nov 10th, with a special 3 hour show…

EVERY SUNDAY – 5pm-8pm GMT | 12pm-3pm EST | 9am-12pm PST

This week’s theme: ‘Dorner Revisited, Million Masked March in DC, JFK Murder Redux, and Twitter Gets the Gas Face’

This week THE SUNDAY WIRE will be hitting hard and heavy, as guest Robert Singer revisits LA’s Chris Dorner mystery with some new evidence, followed by James From The Internet‘ fresh off the Million Mask March in DC, and joined in the final hour to discuss Twitter’s recent censorship of 21WIRE, Co-Ed School Bathrooms in California, and the JFK Assassination –  with our mosh pit of regular and expert pundits and professional trouble makers, including Basil Valentine – all guaranteed to stimulate the mind…

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