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Episode #6 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Doomwatch’ host Alex:G joins Patrick Henningsen for a power-packed show


SUNDAY-WIRE-web-smallEpisode #6 of Sunday Wire Radio Show with host Patrick Henningsen resumes this Sunday Nov 3rd, with a special 2 hour show…

5pm-8pm BST (GMT) | 12pm-3pm EST | 9am-12pm PST

This week’s theme: ‘Doomwatch’

This week THE SUNDAY WIRE will be rebroadcasting the inaugural episode of a new UK radio show, DOOMWATCH, hosted by Alex:G (Edge TV), with guest Patrick Henningsen, covering all the big topics on the radar of those who question everything and believe nothing spoon fed to them by corporate media executives – guaranteed to stimulate the mind…




We are a North American and European-based, grass-roots, independent blog offering geopolitical news and media analysis, working with an array of volunteer contributors who write and help to analyse news and opinion from around the world.


We're covering news you won't necessarily find in the mainstream, and things which regularly confuse career politicians, FOX and CNN watchers... #SundayWire
RT @funks0ul: #SundayWire is going LIVE! https://t.co/mGy2AA0774 Get involved in the CHAT @RadioACR @HesherMedia @Spore3327 Awesome analysi… - 48 mins ago
  • monokrati

    Jones and Henningsen? It’s like water and oil. Who can stand diva Jones?

    • Freespirit

      No I believe he is saying ALEX G NOT J, which doesn’t help because I am not familiar with “ALEX G” and am familiar with EGO centric ( truly lacking in REAL ego) Alex Jones who is VERY annoying with INTERRUPTING his guests and call-ins and childish repetitious rants etc.,on his radio show. IN fact I no longer listen to his show EXCEPT when he has a guest. Even that is a task because i get so frustrated when he interrupts the guest or call-in just when he/she is making a great point. Don’t get me wrong, I do like his knowledge and web site, “Infowars” I just find his personality VERY annoying. I could never get along with him because of that.

  • marinette

    Alex G is clearly not Alex Jones!

    I don’t understand why the US has not faced massive international condemnation for the drone strikes – how can they get away with the planned murder of a targeted individual (no matter how vilified or demonised that individual might be), without referral to any judicial system? Surely the bombing of a sovereign territory not at war has got to be a very serious violation of international law?

    The nuclear power issue is another one that stopped me in my tracks when I first heard it being discussed on the BBC. Nuclear power has always been portrayed as fraught with risks, and the storage of waste is clearly damaging to the environment, but for a Tory government to encourage any measure of Chinese control of it in Britain absolutely beggars belief! It’s clear that money is the god without any thought to where that money comes from and what lies behind it. And Patrick is so right to question the agenda behind nuclear power. The veteran former MP Tony Benn writes in his book ‘Letters to my Grandchildren,’

    “When I was minister in charge of civil nuclear power in the 1960s and 1970s, long before most of you were born, I was assured it was cheap, safe and peaceful. I discovered that none of those statements was true… The problem of the storage of nuclear waste has not yet been solved, but is vastly expensive, the accidents at Windscale, Chernobyl and Three-Mile Island demonstrated the risks, and it was only when I left office that I learned that – without my being told, though I was the minister responsible – the plutonium from our civil power stations was sent to the United States for their nuclear weapons programme. In other words, every ‘Atoms for Peace’ power station in Britain was a bomb factory for the Americans….I also discovered that an official in my department whose job it was to prevent nuclear proliferation, had secretly provided nuclear materials to Israel.”

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the media name-calling though. Please don’t be diverted into wasting time trying to justify your position. It’s far more effective just to rise above it and keep on doing what you’re doing.