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‘Ride for the Constitution’ Hopes to Shutdown Corruption in Washington DC

21st Century Wire says…

Truckers are the life-line for America, they make everything happen – on a day-to-day basis…

They have a list of demands and many are eager to have their grievances heard. in Washington DC…

So It Begins: #T2SDA Trucker Protest Causes Traffic Delays into Nation’s Capital

UPDATE: ‘Ride for the Constitution‘ entered the DC Beltway this morning, with back ups reported on at least two interstate highways so far this morning (photo below).

Aside from the endless list of White House scandals, America has become polarized and remains stuck in the ultimate political gridlock  – mainly over federal spending.

As America waits in vain for a resolution to the government shutdown, an unlikely community has decided to do what politicians cannot – put some rubber on the road…




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