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Episode #5 – SUNDAY WIRE SHOW with host Patrick Henningsen

SUNDAY-WIRE-web-smallEpisode #5 of the SUNDAY WIRE Radio Show with host Patrick Henningsen aired Sunday Oct 6th

This week’s theme: ‘Spies, Lies and Common Law’

This week THE SUNDAY WIRE talked with former MI5 whistleblower and author David Shayler, for a frank discussion about 9/11 and 7/7, as well as realities of Common Law in the 21st century, followed by regular contributor and pundit Basil Valentine and his rant on elitists in Britain. The final hour we spoke with Brian Gerrish of the UK Column to discuss the shadow state in Britain and elite’s plans for a One World Government who are now constructing a corporate state in Europe and the US – this show is guaranteed to stimulate the mind!

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We're covering news you won't necessarily find in the mainstream, and things which regularly confuse career politicians, FOX and CNN watchers... #SundayWire
Another outstanding REAL #ISIS documentary film here: https://t.co/PafLFb6TPJ @VanessaBeeley #Syria @briangukc - 4 hours ago
  • Glenn Marks

    Patrick, I listened to you and Pete discussing Ron Paul. Paul is controlled opposition of the most deceptive and worst type. My research shows he is a Freemason. Moreover, he’s a secessionist. What better way to destroy the USA- have us kill each other. He’s a family friend of Mitt Romney and even helped him win the primary by never criticizing Mitt once. Notice the incestuous relationship between their campaign advisers? Romney is a devout Zionist, which makes Paul a crypto Zionist. Note in Rand Paul (a neocon in thinly disguised wolf clothing) we see what Ron Paul really is but in a more dangerous nefarious form. Paul’s gold standard equals the Rothschild standard since they control the gold monopoly. Gold historically is the currency of tyrants. Paul is heavily invested with Bush in Barrick gold. His anti-war statement is rhetoric for in backing Romney, a Zionist, meant war with Syria. His advocacy of a single world currency indicates he is a globalist. His chief campaign donor, Peter Thiel, board member of the Bilderbergers, further establishes his globalist ties. Paul was chosen as the pied piper to lead the dissent movement down a blind alley and it sure worked.

    Peter Schiff and Don Luskin reportedly are his Zionist agents. Paul is a long time endorser of the John Birch society, another Zionist controlled organization. Note Paul refers to social security as an entitlement when we all earned it- even though Congress stole the money- so what’s new. Paul is an austerity hag that would eliminate SS, unemployment and medical coverage for a population that is broke. Not one word of getting the money his bankster masters stole from us. Not one word of justice for the criminal bankers. Nothing, only austerity. Paying off the debt as Paul advocates would help nothing as long as criminals run our government for that money would simply be siphoned off into bankster greedy paws.

    Eustace Mullins said once that Ron Paul would work for anyone as long as they paid him.

  • marinette

    Really enjoyed last weekend’s Sunday Wire. David Shaylor wasn’t anything like I expected – am now tempted to read his book. As for Basil Valentine – superb! Could so relate to his perspective on Britain.

    I’m very impressed with Patrick’s depth of knowledge. All too often we get the events twisted to suit a particular agenda and ridiculous labels being attached to people for the most spurious of reasons, but I appreciate the way Patrick’s reports seem to have some substance to them, even if I might not wholly agree with his view of the world 100% of the time.

    I’ll probably listen to the Basil Valentine part of the show again, as I got so much out of it – thank you!

  • marinette

    P.S. Just listened to the last part of the show. Since when was Antonio
    Gramsci a fascist? He was imprisoned by the fascist government in 1926, because of his opposition to Mussolini! Poor bloke was sentenced to 20 years in a prison camp for his anti-fascist beliefs! (He was released early due to increasing poor health and died shortly after being released). I’ve never heard anyone describe him as a fascist before!

    Saul Alinsky isn’t such a familiar name, but a very quick search unearths an interesting quotation from him:
    “…Philosophically, I could never accept any rigid dogma or ideology, whether it’s Christianity or Marxism…The greatest crimes in history have been perpetrated by … religious and political and racial fanatics, from the persecutions of the Inquisition on down to Communist purges and Nazi genocide.”