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D.C. Trucker Shutdown Full-Speed Ahead: ‘Demands Obama be removed from office’

21st Century Wire says…

While America’s ruling party were holidaying in the Caribbean, and while the First Family are hard at work enjoying back-to-back vacations in Africa (at a cost of $100 million) and Martha’s Vineyard, and afterwards, as the President and his yes men were busy obsessing with starting a third world war in Syria – America’s economy, along with the federal government’s outrageous budget deficit – has been festering like Gangrene.

The situation has hit a fever pitch today, as the U.S. government has begun to shut down for the first time in 17 years after a Congress bitterly divided over the funding Obamacare. Critics believe that this staged shutdown is mere Punch-n-Judy, in order to conceal and sneak in other shocking legislation through the back door.

America is in deep trouble it seems, but not because of the electorate. The problem is fundamental: rather than working on behalf of working Americans, the ruling elite in Washington DC bury the reality of the federal government’s failures, as well as a list of scandals too long to list – under a pile fabricated PR statements and lies designed to avoid facing up to the facts.

Thousands of American truckers are taking the issue a notch higher – by organising a full-court press on Washington DC and demanding an end to the Obama’s White House’s trampling and dismantling of the US Constitution, and demanding his removal from office.

Here is the latest on this breaking story from US News & World Report…

Steve Nelson
US News & World Report

There may or may not be a government shutdown in October, but truckers are heading toward Washington, D.C., regardless, aiming to shut the city down themselves.

“The shutdown is actually a traffic jam,” former country music star and event organizer Zeeda Andrews told U.S. News. “This is a three-day traffic jam.”

Andrews, a former spokesmodel for Mack Trucks, says around 3,000 truckers are planning to zoom through and around Washington, D.C., beginning Oct. 11.

There are two distinct issues at hand. The first is a range of frustrations experienced by independent truck drivers not employed by a large company or affiliated with a union.

But the truckers are also targeting President Barack Obama and the nation’s political leadership. A list of demands addressing “corruption against our Constitution” will be delivered to lawmakers before the ride, Andrews said, and lawmakers can spare D.C.-area residents the traffic jam if they agree to them.

The hitch: one of those demands is that Obama be removed from office, a request the organizers find perfectly reasonable. Obama committed treason by allegedly funneling weapons from Benghazi, Libya, to al-Qaida-linked Syrian rebels, said online radio host Peter Santilli, who is heading up a parallel protest in California.

“Originally the sheer symbolism of the truckers riding into Washington, D.C., was powerful and a great photo opportunity, but this thing has further evolved,” Santilli said.

The organizers are also upset by a 2012 provision in the National Defense Authorization Act, which authorizes the president to indefinitely detain Americans without trial, and Obama’s health care reform law.

Since advertising the ride on social media, Andrews said, interest has exploded.

“Obama said last week it’s my way or the highway, and the people are choosing the highway,” she said. “It’s viral, it’s like a fire, it’s burning out of control [and] people really want to help because their issues are the same as the truckers are having. … All Americans and all truckers agree on one thing: Barack Obama is a threat to American safety.”

A movement of highway overpass-decorating activists seeking Obama’s impeachment will cheer on the truckers, Santilli said, and some truckers are also planning to meet in state capitals.

“The days of the Million Man March are over, because people can’t afford to go to D.C.,” he said, “[but] the truckers are already out on the road, they’re on the streets.”

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  • nofearorfavor

    Go for it Truckers! Go for it Overpass Activists… this is getting really interesting. Maybe the time has arrived for everyone to stop paying their taxes too! Honestly paid taxes that Obama abuses to destroy America.

    • LocalHero

      Where you been? I stopped filing and paying taxes almost 10 years ago and I will not pay taxes again until this country is no longer held hostage by the military-industrial complex. In other words, until the Pentagon and Dept. of Defense are shut down entirely and I will go to prison rather than pay for a single bullet.

      • nofearorfavor

        Good for you! No offense, meant the whole of taxpaying anti-Obama America must turn the tables on the IRS & Obama … make everyone see him for the a*ss hole he is… lol

      • Freespirit

        INCOME TAXES are UNCONSTITUTIONAL in the U.S. further, America, the REPUBLIC, has not had a President since about 1913. The PRESIDENTS are OF the corporation, called the U.S. Government and ALL LAWS are made by the Corporation NOT the Republic and thus every American has a Constitutional RIGHT to DISOBEY ALL LAWS

        • nofearorfavor

          Just love your attitudes! You’re probably aware that the whole free thinking world out there is routing for the US. We’ve all got bets on for what’ll happen when you guys really get fed-up.. like the Overpassers and now the Truckers are going to git going! That’s just the beginning. When America starts roaring it’ll make the ‘civil’ war in Syria look like a picnic! First thing I check is my alternative news in the morning to see what is happening in the US. Loved the bikers too!

          • Octoplog

            There’s a hell of a difference between the American people and those who run the show – whether it’s the corporations or the government. I first noticed how the people had reached their breaking point with the Occupy Movement and the Moral Mondays. Now the elite are going to find they have bitten off more than they can chew. I just hope that people don’t suffer too much in the process.

  • Freespirit


    • nofearorfavor

      Jokes aside Freespirit, if Americans could only realize how folks all over the world are routing for you – the American People, you would be stunned. Most of us have friends there and as for me, I spent four months traveling a reasonable portion of the US and in touch with rural America, fell in love with the no-nonsense, straight, generous and on the ground floor honesty of the people. When I think of America, these people reflect your country’s true identity. Enjoyed chatting to the hobos in Central Park until the small hours and they insisted on treating us to Ben & Jerry’s. Unforgettable. So yes, I know you guys will get the unholy usurper out of your White House, your way, while we cheer you all the way!

  • axlsavage

    Oh boy I hope they really do it!! Especially In Kalifornia!!!!!
    GO TRUCKERS!!!!!

    • nofearorfavor

      Hear Hear!! Go Truckers Go – Go Overpassers with billions of them Stars & Stripes!!

  • davecad

    good luck to the truckers but don’t they realise that the power in America is with the bankers who own the federal reserve and not Obama who works for them . maybe the should go looking for these people not their puppets .

    • nofearorfavor

      Have you ever seen what a big rig can do to a bank? It will not just be a question of showing a wee bit of displeasure, more like a missile hitting a pimple! He he.. lol

  • Josey Wales

    Is it time for Barry and Moochie to go on another $100 million vacation? Quit monkey boy before the impeachment.

  • kirkfordictator

    God bless those truckers!

  • Mr. Mang.

    Where were these trucker “constitutionalists” when Bush failed to declare war on Iraq and invaded the nation illegally? These truckers aren’t even union guys and give legit, hard working truckers a bad name. Encouraging Americans to approve of their crazy scheme to deprive normal people of necessary goods and services because they don’t like Barack… Shameful…

    Doesn’t really look like they are going to affect any sort of change or be anything more than annoying tho. Left wing or right wing, they are definitely a bag of kooks.

    Take a good read of their “manifesto” which states nothing in regards to the Constitution or Bill of Rights. Nuts.


  • howyouliketheTRUTHnowbiotch

    Check out Pete Santilli! The TRUTH and real VOICE behind the trucker strike. http://cassiopaea.org/forum/index.php/topic,31273.15.html

  • Marilyn Reeves Ritter

    God bless the Truckers~~~Keep on trucking for America!!!!!!!!