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UK Column – Sept 6, 2013: ‘Avalanche of Lies by US for Their War in Syria’

21st Century Wire says…

1-SYria-al-Qaeda-CIA-Mossad-Blackwater-gas-pipelineAs the world leaders congregate at the G20 this week in St. Petersburg, Russia’s President Putin calls out John Kerry’s lies over Syria, while a frustrated David Cameron is given the cold shoulder by other major players and now feels left out of the upcoming war celebrations.

Lies about Syria continue to mount up in Washington and London, while Israel prepares to play its own role in the war, while American and British private mercenaries fight alongside the ‘rebels’.

Also, landmark ruling this week involving the secret child courts in Britain also comes out in UK Column’s favour.

Brian Gerrish and Patrick Henningsen with an international  news update from the UK Column…




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Patrick Henningsen @21WIRE talking #Hillary, Russians and EMAILS LIVE on RT News… https://t.co/xqPNFEdt9O - 34 mins ago

  • seedsofdestruction

    Patrick have you heard about the missing nuclear weapons from a air base in Texas to an air/sub base in South Carolina?You do know that these weapons were not signed out ?Did you know Lindsey Graham the congressman of SC said that if we didn’t go into Syria that we could be attacked? Does this sound like Black Mail/and or a False flag to you?If you haven’t heard of this check it out at infowarsdotcom or storyleakdotcom Peace brother,hope you are on this

  • websuspect

    Everyone go over to twitter and post something about syria over on the white house. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCRCvlpu9nk&feature=youtu.be