UK Column Live: Exposing the Lies about Syria with Patrick Henningsen and Brian Gerrish

21st Century Wire says…

The lies and propaganda surrounding the last chemical weapons attack in Syria are fueling the government-media-complex’s spin machine in a bid to fool the public, just like in 2003.

Today we break down what is really happening behind the headlines…

UK Column Live

Patrick Henningsen and Brian Gerrish with a news update from the UK Column. The first half of the programme focussing on the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria, followed by more general news.


  • claudine long

    interesting point, similarities with iraq…could it be more to do with UK and US governments wanting to get control of the gaslines running straight through Syria into Russia…no wonder Cameron is distracting the majority of middle england with fracking threats

    • Michael Bailey

      it’s all about creating Greater Israel… US and UK are almost over Claudine, we were the hosts, but they’re almost done with us now, don’t you see how this works yet….

    • Patrick Henningsen

      Yes, agreed – saving that for the next report…!

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