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Israeli Security Academy Training Agent Provocateurs?

21st Century Wire says…

As the border clashes increase along the Israeli-Sinai border, one has to ask what is the connection between Israeli paramilitary training camps and alleged jihadists presently running amok and firing rockets at Israel in this region.

What’s with all the Arab costumes?

Problem, reaction, solution?

From YouTube:

Arab & Western Mercenaries train at an Israeli Security Academy

A report published by the BBC on 26 May 2011, and other news networks, claims that in the post Arab Spring Middle East, Arab youth have been training at a dubious institution called the International Security Academy (ISA), run by ex-Israeli Secret Service Officer Mirza David, and located in Negev Desert (al-Naqab) near Gaza, on the Egyptian-Israeli border, close to where the last border clashes killed three Egyptian Officers in August 2011…

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