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DC bond ‘denied’ during Adam Kokesh’s court hearing

21st Century Wire says…

Political activist, veterans affairs and ‘freedom’ advocate Adam Kokesh, was seen in a DC court room for a preliminary hearing related to his shotgun-wielding message of freedom on the 4th of July.

According to a first hand account by the Adam Vs The Man management team, Judge Frederick Sullivan put on a shocking display of  authoritarianism in denying Adam’s bond.

During the hearing Judge Sullivan was quoted as saying he “would not engage in ridiculousness” also adding that Adam’s defense attorney, Peter Cooper was “wasting time with ridiculous questions.”

The tense court room scene took place on the same day whistle-blower Bradley Manning received a not guilty verdict on charges of  ‘aiding the enemy’

Pro-gun activist Kokesh re-arrested in Washington DC after being released from Virginia jail

Russia Today

A judge at the DC Superior Court has ordered gun rights activist Adam Kokesh to be held without bond until his next court appearance, calling him “a very dangerous man.”

Kokesh was rearrested in the District after he was freed on bond last week in Virginia. During a preliminary hearing on Monday, the DC judge decided to hold the activist without bond, calling him a dangerous man and a flight risk. Kokesh is expected back in the court on Aug. 13 to stand trial on gun charges.

The 31-year-old former Marine from Herndon, Va., was charged with one count of openly carrying a weapon in violation of the District of Columbia’s firearms law. According to court documents, Kokesh went to Freedom Plaza on July 4 and loaded four rounds of ammunition into a shotgun. He then posted a YouTube video in which he taunts the District’s strict gun laws, while holding his shotgun in downtown DC, just blocks away from the White House.

VIDEO: Adam Kokesh at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC

We will not be silent. We will not obey. We will not allow our government to destroy our humanity,” he says in the video. “We are the final American revolution. See you next Independence Day.” 

Kokesh hoped that hundreds of thousands of Americans would march from Virginia into DC, carrying firearms in defiance of the city’s ban on loaded guns. The march was cancelled, but Kokesh still appeared in DC with his shotgun, posting a video with a synopsis that reads, “Can you count the felonies committed in this video? No, you can’t possibly count them all.”

In the nation’s capital, carrying a gun outside of a home or place of business carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a fine of $5,000. But Kokesh is also facing a number of other charges: after US Park Police obtained a warrant to search the Virginia man’s home, they found hallucinogenic mushrooms in the raid. Kokesh was charged with possession of a Schedule I or Schedule II drug on July 9. Police also confiscated 10 guns that they found in the raid, including a Maverick Arms 12-gauge pump action shotgun that resembles the weapon shown in the YouTube clip.

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  • Rabid Rabbi

    Ziss Adam , my fellow self chosen one, is doings good job with psiops.
    Hiss father is good stealing much shekels. Ve are likings them too much.
    Toda and Shalom!

  • dougdiggler

    Maybe this mental defective should be disarmed before he provokes a coup in DC?

    • Tenquwe Ratib

      the defetectives who want to disarm or arrest innocent people shold be banned from gov jobs. who pays u?

  • Tenquwe Ratib

    kokesh for president.arrest and ban from gov jobs: who arrested or abused kokesh.
    its not illegal or wrong to load a gun in public or posess a gun. ban from gov jobs:all gov workers who want to arrest someone for loading a gun in public. gov workers and lots of people do it all the time.
    adam is a good person, mostly law abideing(nothing serious reportedly only being arrested for things like danceing in public)he doesnt want to start violence, almost every minute he is denounceing initation of violence, hes anti tyrant and anti-hypocrisy. he doesnt want to violently overthrow anything. adam doesnt have a record of intiating violence that im aware of. the cops intiated force agianst adam not the other way around. adam’s a vetran, he knows about gun saftey. adam is not dangerous, those who hypocritically intiate force agianst adam, are dangerous.
    freedom of speech-its not illegal to say you want to overthrow gov by any means.
    legalize drugs. its suspected the drugs might have been planted because kokesh doesnt encourage or overtly do rec drugs, im not sure if he does drugs at all, hes involved in high-risk politics he probably wuoldnt put himself in more risk that is needed. reportedly kokesh claimed the drugs were planted.
    arrest gov workers who break into people’s house w/o probable cause of a crime or who arrest people who havent commited a crime.