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DENIED: Iceland freezes out Citizen Snowden Bill, ‘no connection’ says Finance Minister

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21st Century Wire 

REYKJAVIK, ICELAND — As the Icelandic Parliament prepared to break for the summer, the matter of Edward Snowden’s bid for citizenship was put to a vote on its final day of the session. A proposal to consider a bill that would make the NSA whistleblower and fugitive a citizen of their sovereign country was defeated 33 votes to 24, with 5 members abstaining.

According to Iceland’s Pressan newspaper, it was clear at the start of voting that “the majority would not provide universal acceptance of the case.” Iceland’s Finance Minister, Bjarni Benediktsson, said an acceptance of the case by Parliament “would set a precedent for granting a person who has no connection with the country of citizenship.”


21st Century Wire previously reported that many will speculate a down vote in Iceland as extenuating pressure from Washington DC. The US has already been accused by the international community this week of applying political pressure on France and Portugal to deny the Bolivian Presidential Jet access through their airspace over accusations that Ed Snowden was being smuggled on board.

Supporters of the proposal argued that a vote for it wouldn’t grant citizenship to Snowden, but only allow Parliament to review it further in their process to make an informed decision. Their disappointment in the cursory decision was apparent.

Pirate Party MP and former WikiLeaks volunteer Birgitta Jónsdóttir had strong words for the majority, including Prime Minister Gunnlaugsson, who openly opposed the proposal. “Think of what you are doing distinguished parliamentarians,” said Jónsdóttir.

Snowden is still known to be hiding in Moscow’s airport district, the Daily Mail reports.

Granting citizenship to Snowden would still require an exception to Iceland’s rule that requires applicants for asylum to be present on their soil. Today’s vote on whether to consider the matter, effectively freezes out Snowden from yet another sovereign country in a long list of potential safe landings.



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  • Good they reached the proper result….no one wants him except for the US and we know precisely what to do with him……think Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.


      Thats right, send him back to communist America, the country with less freedoms than any Europe country including Russia.

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      As Benjamin Franklin once said “those who give up their freedom for security deserve neither”.

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      • Walter Catter

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          Poor kid, you debate a law you know nothing about.
          I feel sorry for the generation of kids in America, no brains, no education and an inability to debate on what the law should be according to the constitution and what the law is.
          You both are too ignorant of the facts to even debate it with.

          Quite pathetic really.

          • lindav817

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          • STEVEN CLAPHAM

            Oh another person who does not get it!

            The Constitution!

            “We, the people of the United States”

            Explain to me where it say THE GOVERNMENT?

            It clearly says “We the People”!

            This echoes the Declaration of Independence. “One people” dissolved their connection with another, and assumed among the powers of the earth, a sovereign nation-state.

            When the ‘People’ elect a government they do so on the understanding that government will treat all men equal, they shall not bare arms against those people and shall not enslave those people in anyway.

            The government is set up with the understanding they shall serve the better good of it’s ‘People’.

            “The people are to be provided (a) justice, (b) civil peace, (c) common defense, (d) those things of a general welfare that they could not provide themselves, and (e) freedom. A government of “liberty and union, now and forever”, unfolds when “We” begin and establish this Constitution

            Now i do not understand what part of it you fail to grasp here.

            The NSA took it upon itself to break the law, to invade the privacy of the ‘People’, it decided it was above the Law and could snoop on whomsoever it wanted whenever it felt the need.

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            A traitor to a corrupt government maybe so, but to the American persons who claims and want the freedoms that many died for he is a hero unearthing the deception and lies that your government are committing under your noses.

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            As you do not seem to grasp any of the Constitution, unlike you i do not need to read it as i am not American but at least i can say i understand the foundations on what your laws built on, obviously more than you who live in the country.

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  • newsworthy

    So much for my theory that he was already sneaked into Iceland. And we have yet to see photo or video of him in the Moscow airport… So now I’m really questioning this whole story. Where & who is Snowden, really? Is this nothing more than an exercise to highlight the bullying capacity of the US around the world?