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Ben Fellows: ‘I will walk 500 miles’ as friends join his long march against corruption

21st Century Wire says…

CaptureCorruption Reform Activist Ben Fellows has taken high road, making the big physical and mental commitment of walking the width of England to raise awareness, not only of his personal plight, but for the thousands upon thousands of Britons who have also been a victim of dark institutional corruption in one form or another.

Here the team from Liberty Tactics catches with Ben and his friends in the village of Ashburton, on their way to Exeter.





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  • Some of us are wondering where is Ben now and what is he doing?
    Not a bleep since he was ‘kidnapped’ by the Hannah.
    No radio, no nothing.
    Some wnat to know out of objective interest; some want to know in case there is something sansational to share and the rest of us want to know ‘cos we care about him.

  • Guest

    Hi Intbel! We left the UK as the pressure we were being put under by the police was intolerable. It has taken many months to get ourselves into a safer situation. We now live approx 3000 miles away from the UK and we are thankfully being helped in many ways although it has been tough. The equipment that was stolen from us by the police cannot be replaced overnight so we are working extremely hard and will never give up, Lots has happened to us, we have been visited here by a British diplomat and also Foreign ‘agents’. Seems like Clarke has made some serious enemies in the world and they want to see how this plays out. All is not as it seems…as usual! x

    • Hannah Remington Györý

      Above comment from Hannah the kidnapper!