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Rupert Sheldrake Destroys Dawkins Dillusion in Banned TED-x Talk

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Science: “A collection of prejudices which are fed to us with a porridge spoon before our 18th year” 

Albert Einstein said that.

This is my first encounter with Rupert Sheldrake, but I have read a number of Graham Hancock’s books. I don’t agree with everything Graham Hancock writes and he is often inflammatory and controversial, but I find his work interesting and thought-provoking. TED seems to have forgotten the part about the talks being “designed to inspire conversation, exchange and immediate action around ideas worth spreading – all in a creative and casual setting.”

I think the attempt by TED to censor Mr. Sheldrake’s and Mr. Hancock’s presentations is reprehensible and completely against the spirit of their tagline (“Ideas Worth Sharing”) and their stated mission (“spreading ideas”). They conveniently left out some bits. Apparently, the tagline is actually “Ideas TED Thinks Are Worth Sharing” and the real mission is “Spreading only the ideas TED approves of.”

They have arrogated the right to judge the value of thoughts and ideas. They have arrogated the right to choose what we hear and learn. They have arrogated the right to think for us.

That’s not cool, at all. In fact, that really ticks me off. So I’m making the videos available to the public and they’re free to share…

These videos are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license, so they can be freely shared and reposted (from http://www.ted.com/pages/about).

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