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15 yr old Girl Leaves Maryland Anti-Gun Politicians Speechless

Guns Save Lives

This fifteen year old absolutely gets it.

She crushes the logic of anti gun politicians in the Maryland state legislature. If only our politicians were as smart as this fifteen year old girl we might actually be taking steps to reduce violence that don’t include attacking inanimate objects. She points out the fallacy of strict gun control by using the model of modern gun control, Chicago, as an example of what happens when you disarm the general populace, leaving them at the hands of criminals and gang members. Bravo young lady, bravo. We know it takes some nerves to stand up in a crowd like that and speak your mind…



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Patrick Henningsen @21WIRE talking #Hillary, Russians and EMAILS LIVE on RT News… https://t.co/xqPNFEdt9O - 34 mins ago

  • websuspect

    if website B has 25 writers and web designers and graphic artists. Who there or what force decides to shop articles instead of doing their own work? Ajax Loans may have jewish lawyers and scream. I WILL SUE YOU I WILL SUE YOU. But how many times can company B shop articles before they get caught. The CEO of company B flunked college so I doubt he understands enough about writing to grasp sourcing articles. I know that suspect that he has gone to afor mentioned Jewish lawyer and said we shoped such and such an article it was changed but we didnt source it and said Jewish laywer said pull the ad or article. but what is going on with the CEO at company B is he high on pills or coke or what? And why are they taking money through various CIA front companys leading articles and articles not sourcing content under “writers” at company B? http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g220/websuspect/shopping_zpsbd1e02c0.jpg

  • websuspect

    But anyways on with the story. When I was a young lad. Some paper wasps built a hornets next on the back of our house. It was your typical hornets nest hanging from the gutter a few hornets nothing really. My dad did his usually dysfunctional but scratching himself, TV watching routine. Many days passed. Than about a month later my dad and mom were like watch this. I go out backend there is a full blown yogi bear cartoon style Israeli hornets nest behive hanging from the house. With a compliment of hornets going in and out. Now my dad goes watch this. And you could compare this to the 100 Million US gun owners and the federal government with its billions of dollars of ill gotten tax booty. And he get a can of ether from the garage and a can of wasp spray. And he sprays the beehive with with ether. Than he takes a can of MAP gas, propane gas torch and he lights the beehive on fire. Now keep in mind our house is block but it is our house. The beehive catchs on fire. Bees come out. My dad is running all around with Black Flag Hornet spray spraying hornets. The Hive is on fire burning… and this my friends is the vast majority, an allegory of the people and the US government.