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Patrick Henningsen on UK Column Live Show

21st Century Wire

Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish are joined by Patrick Henningsen from Beirut, including: a breakthrough for Robert Green as Operation Yewtree police speak to him about the Hollie Greig case, another member of staff leaves Oxford and Cherwell Valley College, UN peacekeepers kidnapped in Syria, Ed Milliband claims he is a Zionist, and did the Queen go to the (independent from the NHS) Royal Masonic Hospital for treatment because she knows how NHS hospitals treat the elderly?



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  • Kittoh

    Hi there!
    Don’t forget Canada in the mix.

    Please read the full article at the link. Kittoh
    From the Eagle Watch #341
    March 8, 2013

    The permanent url for this article is http://www.storm.ca/~kittoh/Strange_Bed_Fellows_at_Caledonia.pdf

    Some Really Strange and Creepy Bed Fellows at Caledonia
    March 8, 2013
    Detailed Report & Analysis

    It’s an interesting alliance. Jews who traditionally don’t eat pork are now allying with some big Christian porcos who look about ready for the Schlachthof. One hefty boar even has his own Royal medal. While Israel threatens to nuke Iran, the poison breathing Mark Vandermaas and Gary McHale are joining forces with Zionists to attack Ongwehonweh people.

    Make no mistake, these characters are not the persecuted that they pretend. Gary McHale just got the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. That means he’s a good colonial minion. Gary would not have gotten this type of award if he were not towing the party line of genocide against Indigenous people. Like his litter mate, Mark, he twists words like “genocide” to make it sound like it’s against him. These punks are sucking up to the self-centered, fake victims, the Zionists, who are determined to depopulate the Middle East.

    Israel has long had 200 to 400 nuclear missiles, many aimed at Iran and the Ancient Persian civilization. The CIA installed Islamist fundamentalists to destroy Iran’s secular society.

    Gary and Mark use Christianity, the fanatic, militant and essentially colonial version, to clobber their listeners into supporting Israel. Waddle Along Gary is adept at using the old guilt trip on Christians who are people who feel unloved by the Creator and unworthy of Love. Such hangups make these people dangerous. They need an underdog to vilify and attack.

    Mark Vandermaas introduces Israel Truth Week – March 5-6 2013
    The Israel Truth Week second annual conference was held in Hamilton just this week at the Victory international church. Some videos are already online while the full 2012 toxic show is available on youtube. Watch at your own risk. Mark Vandermaas introduced the event at a February JDL Jewish Defence League conference in Toronto.

    “Radical Left and Racial Policing at Caledonia”
    Mark Vandermaas is famous for using inflammatory terms and misleading descriptions of events. He claims he was “charged for trying to put up the Canadian flag in a public place.” He claims wildly that “native militants destroyed caledonia, put people in hospital (2007 false Sam Gualtieri allegations)…” etc.


    News Brantford-Brant
    McHale to receive Jubilee medal 22

    Mark Vandermaas introduces Israel Truth Week – Hamilton March 5-6 2013

    Israel Truth Week 2012 – Part 1 – Introductions and Mark Vandermaas.mp4

    Gary McHale Receives the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal

    Imperial Minions, Transparent Rednecks and Dirty Drawers
    January 11, 2012

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