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Verizon Developer Outsources His Job to China for More Facebook Time

21st Century Wire says…

Software developer ‘Bob’ wins the Albert P. Gore Globalist Entrepreneurial Prize this year for really working the system, and through his story, he will no doubt inspire millions of other severely overpaid and overweight jobsworth developers in Europe and North America to do exactly the same and take advantage of their poorer, more deserving counterparts sweating it out in Asia.

By outsourcing his own workload, Verizon contractor ‘Bob’ was able to devote more of his time to the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and FitBabes.com. Nonetheless, old ‘Bob’ should’ve been promoted for outstanding work in showing the CEO how to axe an additional five more jobs within the company.

Great for the bottom line…

American ‘Bob’ outsourced his job to a Chinese contractor for a fraction of his six-figure salary. After handing over his login information, he spent his days on Facebook and perused cat videos while the Chinese firm worked in his name…

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