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Very Odd: Alistair McGowan’s parody of Eminem courting Jimmy Savile

From BBC’s “Big Impression” during Christmas 2000…

The opening features McGowan as newsreader Huw Edwards. After, Eminem writes obsessively to the BBC’s prolific pedophile, Sir Jimmy Savile, in the hope of a ‘Fix-it’. This sketch was starring Alistair McGowan and Ronni Ancona.

The last lines by McGowan (as Savile) are a little spooky, however, where Jim is offering to ‘fix it’ with a ‘private trip to Alton Towers’.

What sort of message might comedian McGowan be communicating here, could it be some sort of sick inside joke between those in the know, or is it merely a bizarre Hollywood-style coincidence?

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