The Cover-up Continues: Lords Peers Demand Child Abuse Investigation Dropped

21st Century Wire says: As we detailed earlier this week, the establishment is desperate to draw a line under any serious independent investigations into organised paedophile rings and child abuse in British establishments, because exposure threatens individuals who sit within the very power structure of multiple institutions – including government, the judiciary, the police, child […]

INTERVIEW: Wrexham Child Home Abuse Victim Describes Elite Paedophile Sex Parties

21st Century Wire Watch this shocking documentary…  Harrowing interview with this man who was in the North Wales Boys Home in Wrexham, where he describes how he was taken from the children’s residence at 12-13 years of age, on a weekly basis, into London – and possibly to a military barracks as well – for sex parties […]

White House Petition Calls for Executive Order ‘Stripping Citizenship and Exile’ to Any American Who Signs Petition to Secede

21st Century Wire says: After this week’s flood of petitions from multiple states to leave the Union, thing might actually be getting nasty in the corporation of Washington DC. Whatever happened to: “American States reserve the right to…” ? America needs to embrace this debate – not shut it down. People are not happy. Will […]


This is what the BBC are expecting you to pay for – Jimmy Savile and George Entwistle’s golden parachute. Putting things into perspective… The over-inflated blimp known as the BBC has long sold off its TV License collection business to Captia Ltd and others, to carry out that dirty job of extorting hundreds of pounds […]

A Film from Harry Fear in Palestine: ‘Martyred in Gaza’

“Most of the shelling targeted young people, women and the elderly and the Israeli enemy is erratically targeting civilians.” Over Armistice weekend Israeli forces killed 6 Palestinians and injured around 40 in three sets of attacks on the Gaza Strip. In the Jabalia area, 20-year-old Mohammed Obeid was killed. In the Shejiea area, Israel killed […]

So, How Many Syrian Terrorists Come from Libya?

Blacklisted News | The big secret: the Syrian ‘opposition’ is largely comprised of Al Qaeda terrorists, with many coming directly from Libya.

Obamaville: Virginia has Poorhouses, and Scrooge Would be Proud of Them

Naked Capitalism Societies have a funny way of walling off undesirables. Lepers were secluded in lepers’ colonies. Japan is particularly uncomfortable with people who don’t fit cultural norms, such as the mentally ill and the destitute. It was really shocking the first time I saw someone begging in the subways in Tokyo in 1991 because […]