Cameron: ‘It’s a gay witchhunt!’ after Philip Schofield ambushes PM on live TV with list of alleged Tory Paedos found online

  • Prime Minister stunned by This Morning presenter who hands him card with names he found after a ‘cursory glance’ at the internet.
  • No. 10 condemned the ‘trial by Twitter’ saying those named on the list will want to defend themselves
  • Mr Cameron accused the ITV programme of fuelling a ‘witch-hunt, particularly against people who are gay’
  • Tory MP Rob Wilson condemned the ‘celebrity ambush’ and asked Ocfom to investigate if ITV has broken broadcasting rules
  • Mr Schofield issued an apology for a ‘mis-judged camera angle’
BY MATT CHORLEY POLITICAL EDITOR (Oh Dear)… Downing Street tonight condemned ‘trial by Twitter’ after David Cameron was sensationally handed a list of alleged Tory paedophiles on live television. This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield said he had compiled the list of names after a three-minute ‘cursory glance’ at the internet, and gave it to the Prime Minister live on ITV1. But the presenter later admitted a ‘misjudged camera angle’ meant some of the names could have been seen by the programme’s millions of viewers, as a Tory MP wrote to Ofcom claiming ITV may have broken broadcasting rules. Watch this amazing clip… Read more at Mail Online RELATED: THE BBC: ‘IT’S THE VATICAN AND THE MAFIA ALL ROLLED INTO ONE’


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