21st Century Wire says: Has someone thrown Auntie Beeb a bone? What, a living paedophile – to be sacrificed tonight on the public alter with Paxman dropping the axe? Will it have a pulse this time? A senior politician, Labour, or Conservative, we hope it’s not who we think it is, errr, probably not… By […]

Establishment Getting Desperate: ‘Gov’t black-ops must be more transparent’

Patrick Henningsen | The UK already has dozens of ‘security’ and intelligence agencies, some of which are even spying on each other. To think that any of these would embrace ‘transparency’ is a bit of a joke.

Michelle Obama’s Crocodile Tears… and 16 Vacations in 4 years

First Lady Michelle’s public-funded world austerity tour could come to a halt…

The Truth About Media Ownership

So you think your media is free and unbiased? So you think that the internet and independent media are dangerous? Consider this fact…

What this Lucasfilm-Star Wars acquisition means for Disney

21st Century Wire says…Now Yoda and Mickey Mouse are under the same management. Isn’t that just wonderful…Tom CheredarWashington PostDisney’s purchase of Lucasfilm will bring the world three new Star Wars movies (Episodes 7, 8, and 9) and many news ways for the company to boost its digital media revenue. During a call to investors this […]

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