21st Century Wire August 31, 2011 What is Comet Elenin? Out of the masses of material generated on this subject, it is nearly impossible to get your bearings of a definitive position… Is Comet Elenin the feared Blue Star Kachina of Hopi Prophecy, Planet X, or a dwarf sun? Speculation and analyses are rife to say the least. To date, approximately 1.5 million web pages are devoted to these concerns, and many with fearsome interest. But is this fear in any way justified? Perhaps yes, perhaps not. The forecast presented in this video below is the result of hundreds of man hours of research by the Planet X Town Hall, and the Comet Elenin Research Team.  VIDEO: Background, explanation and forecasting of the Comet Elenin. PLANET X TOWN HALL http://planetxtownhall.com COMET ELENIN LINK PAGE: http://yowusa.com/radio/elenin/elenin.shtml -


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