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Radio Interview with 21st Century Wire Editor Patrick Henningsen Discussing Risks at Ft Calhoun Nuke Plant

21st Century Wire
July 7, 2011

Listen to Patrick Henningsen’s interview on Gorilla Radio with host Chris Cook. Henningsen discusses to real dangers and public risk surrounding the Fort Calhoun and Cooper nuclear facilities in Nebraska, USA, both nuclear plants currently under siege by the rising flood waters of the Missouri River this month.


HOW HIGH'S THE WATER? Fort Calhoun nuclear plant poses similar risks to the Fukushima Plant which suffered a full meltdown this past spring.

Regarding the media blackout on the dangers present in Nebraska this week Patrick explains, “If public safety is not number one on the priority list of every single person in any of these agencies (OPPD, NRC, Army Corps of Engineers) then they really need to reassess what they are doing.”

“The United States just OK’d $185 billion on top of their annual $50 billion- to upgrade and modernise their nuclear arsenal… the military industrial complex is very connected to the nuclear industry”.