Global Currency Race: Germany is back in Pole Position

“Don’t call it a comeback…” – LL Cool J Editors Note:  Over the last 20 years the US and Europe have opted to stop manufacturing actual things, in favour of running Ponzi-style, get-rich-quick economies wholly based on speculation and worthless subprime paper sales. What was once the lowly teller window reserved for Third World African, Latin and Asian countries, EU orphan […]


By Patrick Henningsen 21st Century Wire Nov 25, 2010 Economics needn’t be so confusing to the non-Havard MBA grad. In short, this little animated cartoon sequence explains what the US Federal Reserve Bank is up to and how we got here- a highly educational animated segment…        The cryptic economic policy known as “Quantitative Easing” is outlined […]

Death to the Chicago Climate Exchange ($7.40 to a nickel per CO2 ton, the market has spoken)

By William Griesingerwww.masterresource.orgNovember 18, 2010“One of the keystones of the Climate Change alarmist movement was its audacious attempt to create a functioning market by monetizing the atmospheric gas known as CO2…. Certainly, gaming the system has always been at the top on the agenda of the new green eco-trader.” – Patrick Henningsen, “The Great Collapse of […]

The Stench of American Hypocrisy

By Dr Paul Craig Roberts OpEd News November 14, 2010 Ten years of rule by the Bush and Obama regimes have seen the collapse of the rule of law in the United States. Is the American media covering this ominous and extraordinary story? No, the American media is preoccupied with the rule of law in […]

Teenagers who text up 120 times a day ‘are more likely to have had sex, use drugs and drink alcohol’

Editor’s Note: This new US study unveiled in the UK Mail can also be applied to Britain and only confirms what we have suspected for a while now: namely that it’s like, much more bett’a to be on contract than on pay-as-you-go, innit? Daily Mail Reporter Nov 9, 2010 Hyper-texting and hyper-networking are more common among […]

Scientists unveil moving 3D holograms

By Clive Cookson Financial Times Nov 4, 2010 More than 30 years after the famous Star Wars movie scene in which a hologram of Princess Leia appealed for help from Obi-Wan Kenobi, US researchers have unveiled holographic technology to transmit and view moving three-dimensional images. The scientists at the University of Arizona say their prototype […]


What Really Happened | Obama did not miss another opportunity to hype the terror threat level again.