Afghans: U.S. Created and Funds Taliban

Kurt Nimmo | Zbigniew Brzezinski admitted the Taliban was created by the United States.

Obama’s Internet Czar Dr. Cass Sunstein wants to turn off the lights on Free Speech

EDITOR’S NOTE: The rhetoric and the planning coming out of Obama’s administration is a continuation of the same which proliferated under President Bush Jr.  Controlling the internet has long been a goal of the New World Order, and the US have taken their lead from countries like China who currently employ 30,000(conservatively) dedicated full-time net police. […]

LEARNING TO LOVE COLLATERAL DAMAGE: Another Day, Another Massacre in Afghanistan

Patrick Henningsen | A chain of events which took place in Khataba followed by the cover-up by the Pentagon bring shame to Amerika.

TASER NATION: ‘Inside the NBA’ TV Program Making Fun of Taser Victims

Patrick Henningsen | Why would an NBA basketball program want to glorify and make light comedy out of state-sanctioned torture?

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